American Crew All star Finalist

We are so excited to announce that our Barber Adam is the Global Winner of the American Crew All Star challenge!

Some words from the champ…

I can’t believe the incredible week in Brussels with American Crew has come to an end and I’m now back to reality! What a result it was and an amazing week for me and Nick! We’ve met so many amazing people and had an unbelievable experience!
There’s so many people from all over the world that I feel need to thank and show my appreciation too. Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported us on social media over the past week!
Firstly, I would love to thank my model Ben Kistell and photographer Dan Taylor for their help on my UK entry.
Secondly, everyone at American crew and Revlon, who organised such an incredible and unforgettable week, you are truly inspirational. To American crew UK for really supporting me during my time in Brussels.
Thank you to my model Alexander for your help on my final image, it was a pleasure to have worked with you and I couldn’t have done it without you, such a talented young man.
To all the finalists (and now my friends for life) I miss you all! You should all be very proud of yourselves. I have never met such a talented inspirational group of people. It’s so refreshing to meet other barbers that are as passionate about barbering as I am. I can’t have wished for a better group of people to share this once in a lifetime experience with. All the best to you all!! Lastly to my bosses Paul, Nick and Dan Taylor and all of my colleagues at taylortaylor barbershops in sheffield for believing and supporting me in becoming the Allstar global champion 2017!!! Showing some barber love

We also want to congratulate our barber Theo on making it to the UK Finals!