Hints and tips to help you while you cant get to the hair salon -Covid-19!

Tip 1: Protect your hair

Avoid using hot tools on your hair when possible as heat strips the moisture content from your hair. If you have to use heat, always protect your hair with a styling product.

Tip 2: Deal carefully with wet hair

Wet hair is very fragile. Always comb your hair at the ends first, after applying a conditioner.

Tip 3: Regular conditioning

Use a moisturising conditioner after every wash. Missing this step could be the reason your hair is frizzy. Leave your conditioner on for a little extra time. This will leave your hair feeling nourished and healthy.

Tip 4: Home colour

Don’t be tempted to colour your own hair. Trust us you will regret it!

Tip 5: Home cutting

Don’t be tempted to cut your own hair (even your fringe), again, you will regret it.

Tip 6: Go with the flow

Embrace the natural look. Your hair is beautiful as it is!