The trend forecast for 2017!

Back to the 80’s

We will be seeing throwbacks from the 80’s as we come into 2017 spring/summer.

Flashes of bright and bold colour will be appearing in our fashion looks making our clothes the most dramatic transformations for the season. This means hair colours will be kept on the neutral colour palletes. From sandy balayages to deep browns and coppers.


Skinny braids will be incorporated in all styles from the beach waves to updo’s. Adding a little hippy style to the looks.

Short fringes are back too! Fringes will be added to the midi looks we’ve seen in 2016! Mixing the look up and adding a focus point…perfect to go with the sunglasses as we hit summer!

The focus point for the seasons… Ears!

With the explosion of enormous earrings onto the fashion scene, it was inevitable that ears got paid some attention too. Short hair will be asymmetrical and long hair will be plaited or clipped to show of the statement earrings. Maybe the short undercuts will creep into the fashion scence?! Watch this space!